Tips to Find the Right Mentor for You

Tips to Find the Right Mentor for You

One of the best things about our Gateway Promotions learning environment is each person receives individualized coaching from a seasoned manager with ample expertise in our business model. The reason we offer this personalized level of guidance stems from our own experiences with mentors who helped us pave the path to our success. Every professional at some point in his or her career has benefited from the wisdom of an accomplished leader.

Of course, while Gateway Promotions coaches have a specific responsibility, which is to show new hires the ropes and help them build on their strengths, there will come a time in which our people will need to reach out to other mentors. We want them to make the most of these interactions, so we offer them some best practices to help identify the right person to guide them.

First, before we ask for anyone else’s assistance, we need to be clear on our own visions and goals. Some introspection can make a world of difference when it comes to pinpointing our objectives, the skills and strengths we have to reach them, and what we still don’t know. The latter is where a mentor can be most helpful in sharing wisdom and feedback as we grow. Therefore, we should seek individuals who fill in our knowledge gaps.

Mind you, once we find the right mentor, the only way in which we’re going to benefit from this relationship is if we are open to constructive feedback. We need to adopt growth-oriented mind-sets that allow us to welcome new knowledge and recognize areas in which we can improve ourselves.

With abundant support, our team members thrive in our industry. Check out the Gateway Promotions Facebook to see the impact of our achievements.